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Why should choir directors get their choir out there

Read about reasons why should choir directors get their music out there, including fundraising, attracting new choir members and audiences, and more.

Choirs often form the bedrock of their communities, and choir directors are one of the most important parts of a choir. A good choir director leads their choir, acts as an inspiration to the choir members, and knows a lot about the music the choir sings, along with production. So not only do they need to know the technicals, but also management.

While these qualities are important to ensure a good performance, today a choir director also has to adapt to the responsibilities of spreading the word about the choir. This includes details about what values the choir stands for, its repertoire, upcoming performances or events, or even just stories about the choir members to make it more relatable to the community. Also important is to understand what medium works best when marketing your choir. For some, it may be the digital medium, while for others it may be referrals or word of mouth.

This blog article mentions a few key areas that a choir director should cover, and their importance. It is worth noting that marketing your choir can help you even if you are a small community choir.

One of the biggest reasons to spread the word about your choir is to fundraise. This includes raising money to be able to perform, travel for different choir events or competitions, new equipment (including live-streaming equipment), or anything that may be critical to the choir’s ability to perform. Marketing can help your choir raise a lot of money, and as per the choir’s preferences or abilities, you should look at using social media, emails, or offline mediums to fundraise. Read our article on different ways to fundraise for more ideas.

By putting your choir out there, you can also attract new choir members. Not only do you get to show your choir values and performances to these prospective new members, but can also create an automated channel on your website or social media, where they can come and register for auditions. 

If you live in bigger cities, you may face more competition from other choirs. Marketing your choir helps you attract more audiences, with increased ticket sales, because the audience starts to recognize your brand, and organically buys tickets to your choir performances. This also gives them a sample of what to expect during your performance.

If you constantly look to work with local brands or businesses, marketing can be a great way to attract them as sponsors. This could be on the values to which they relate, from bringing the community together or providing entertainment to helping raise money for charitable causes.

If we look at the abstract, putting your choir out there also gives the choir members a sense of purpose. This is because every member understands the choir’s vision, and gets the motivation to perform better, and connect with audiences over shared values. An approachable choir director plays an important role in connecting with both the choir members and the audience. 

While there may be more benefits of marketing your choir, these summarize the most important ones. If you would like to know how to market your choir to audiences around the world and raise up to 3x more money than normal offline channels, you can check out our platform which allows you to create your virtual event in minutes.

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