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Why Get Involved in a Choir?

Trying to figure out if participating in a choir is for you? Understand the benefits of joining a choir, including both societal and health benefits.

Are you trying to figure out if participating in a choir is for you? Then this blog will help you understand the benefits of joining a choir, including both societal and health benefits.

To start with, you don’t need any equipment to start singing in your neighborhood choir. You just need your voice and a water bottle to hydrate yourself.

Joining a choir allows you to explore your artistic and creative side, and the connection with your community choir also leads to better emotional well-being (this was also one of the findings of a study done by Monash University). This also allows you to motivate or challenge yourself if that’s something that you may be looking for.

One of the reasons you might want to join a choir is your love of music. Well, joining a choir would allow you to perform across genres ranging from classical & opera to pop and indie. You can explore some choir performances for inspiration here.

Having or cultivating music reading skills increases your memory, concentration, and cognizance of your surroundings (as per an Oxford study). This is also because you are part of a larger group, which succeeds when all members succeed in their roles. Being part of a larger group also allows you to be humble about your role.

Being a part of your choir practice allows you to move away from any stress you may have, as you are able to focus on singing or performing, which gives you joy. Singing also helps you with your breathing, as per an NCBI study which states that ‘Musicians learn and repeatedly practice the association of motor actions with specific sound and visual patterns’.

Joining a choir forces you to pay attention to what’s happening around you, it allows you to be a good listener (FeelitLIVE Tip: If you can’t hear your choir neighbor singing, you are singing too loud). And we all know the virtues of being a good listener.

Joining a bigger group, in this case a choir, leads to increased social bonding, and not only helps you meet more people but also connect with them over a common bond of music and choral singing or performance. Studies in this regard show that group singing has a positive impact on well-being while allowing you to incorporate synchronized movements, leading to social bonding.

Depending on how involved you are with your choir, you can even travel with the group to perform in different locations, and create new memories with friends who share your interest in singing or performing.

The study by Monash also bought forward testimonials from choir group participants. These testimonials range from emotional benefits to social benefits. Jacquie, aged 67, said ‘I have more confidence in myself and am able to voice my opinions more comfortably’. Kelly, aged 64, said ‘This experience has given me a sense of inclusiveness. I have made new friends and shared occasions with others that have given me joyful times’.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, even with social distancing, music-centred activities like choirs have been shown to improve wellbeing and a sense of social connection.

For kids in schools, a Chorus America study shows that singing in a choir is a building block for lifelong learning, better emotional intelligence, and greater social skills. A majority of the parents surveyed confirmed these points, with 94% of teachers also believing that singing in a choir increases a child’s self-confidence, memory skills, and emotional management.

The study also finds that 1 in 5 people in America regularly participate in choirs, be it a community choir, school choir, church choir, or any other choral group.

To quote Ann Meier Baker, President & CEO of Chorus America, ‘The data in this report confirms that, in addition to providing great musical performances, choruses advance many of the positive qualities associated with success in life for children and adults. These benefits are particularly relevant in addressing the challenges in society today.’

While some benefits are applicable for children and youth, many of the benefits cover adults too. So regardless of your age, joining a choir will be a decision you will not regret! If you are still looking for inspiration, have a look at choir performances from your country and around the world in our events section here.


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