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Tips For Running a Successful Live Event

Planning to host a virtual event? Check out these 5 tips to help you do it successfully

All of us are well aware of how the internet has taken over the world. Especially in this lockdown, the internet has given an opportunity to all kinds of talented people and event organizers to continue reaching out to their audience.  It has given a platform to people from all over the world to host live events right from the comfort of their homes. Organizing these live events is the next new business. This new digital experience has proven to be profitable even considering the current pandemic situation.  But there is a lot that goes behind organizing a live event.

Hosting a relaxing yoga session or an energetic Zumba session sure seems like a good idea. But to have a successful live event, there are a number of things that need to be kept in mind while organizing it. It looks easy when you watch someone host a live session, especially if you are on the receiving end of that event. To make sure we have the retention and complete engagement of the audience it is important that you host the session in a proper and professional manner. Here are a few factors that need to be considered while hosting a successful and engaging virtual event.

  • Planning:  Good planning is definitely the No.1 key factor for hosting a successful live event. Know the purpose of your event and know what you want to put out to the world. Set a date and time for your event and have points listed down as to how exactly you want your event to go. Also, decide an appropriate name for your event, something that will catch the attention of the audience.  Have a format prepared so you have a smooth flow to your event. Decide a location to shoot your live video. Pick the best background you have and make sure you have enough visibility from there. If you have some extra time, go ahead and pick your event outfit. It is good to be over-prepared sometimes!
  • Fast Internet Connection: Well, this is a point that cannot be compromised on. A good internet connection is always necessary to host any kind of event. Make sure you have a fast enough connection from where you have decided to shoot. Having a dummy session to test the internet connection is always suggested so that you avoid any mishaps during your actual live event.
  • Choose the Right Platform to Host Your Event:  There are many sites that offer you a platform to host your live events. Instagram and Facebook being often used platforms, especially when you have ticket-free events. But if you want to ticket your event and earn revenue from it, then feelitLIVE is your best option. It helps you to host, market and ticket your event along with offering different payment methods and multi-currency options at zero cost. This makes it easy for you and the audience too.  But before you decide a platform, always do good research on the site you choose and know the exact outcome you want from the event.
  • Market You Event:  To have a successful live event you need a good level of pre-event engagement with the audience. Market your event on different social media platforms.  Start marketing well before the actual day of the event thus giving enough time to the audience to react and buy tickets. If you have another event planned, do remember to share experiences of your first event. This will help you attract a bigger crowd for your future events.
  • Always Involve Crowd Engagement Activities: The audience needs to connect with you. Making sure they are enjoying the live session thoroughly is very important. Having different crowd engagement activities helps in keeping the audience on the live till the end. Plan some trivia games or a Q&A session that will keep the audience engaged. Be innovative and come up with different activities depending on the theme of your live event.  Always remember, a happy crowd is more likely to attend another one of your live events.

As we all know that, this is the time to make the most out of online events. It gives you exposure and it also helps you earn some extra money right from the comfort of your homes.  So don’t wait! Plan your event, select a day and pick a platform. Keep in mind the above factors and host away a successful  live event. And if ever you are confused as to which platform to choose, don’t worry! Hop on to and be a part of a whole new digital experience. As we always say, You host, your way!

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