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Passion to Profit – From hobby to revenue

With the "new normal" bringing many changes to people's lives, an interesting one that stands out is the way people consume content. As a result of the change, events, talk shows, meet-ups, conferences, and concerts have all gone virtual. Therefore, it's time to align with this change and convert your passion into profit via virtual events

The ‘new normal’ has brought around a lot of changes in the way businesses and individuals function. Among these changes, one particularly striking change is in the way people consume content. Events, classrooms, talk shows, meet-ups, conferences, concerts have all gone virtual. Fortunately, technology has blessed the world with the ability to log in to any event in any part of the world. How about harnessing the power of technology to make money in the new normal? Change is the only constant and it is time to align with this change and convert your passion to profit via virtual events. 

A virtual event is any activity that can be done online where users may collaborate with each other or users may log in as viewers to witness the event. The event in itself can be under a number of umbrellas, from dancing to painting to jamming sessions. If you are passionate about a particular hobby, now is the time to take it online and form your own brand. Here are the steps to build your own virtual events: 

1. Start Small – Go Social: It is hard to think of anyone who isn’t already on social media, especially on channels like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. If you aren’t there already, make sure you create a profile to make it easier for you and your content to be found. Apart from this, there are other social channels that cater to users interested in a common subject – such as smule and soundcloud for musicians, Groupme or Hyperlapse for dancers and so on. Don’t forget to sign up on these apps. A single Google search will help you find the most relevant apps as per your hobby. Also, keep an eye out for platforms that help artists market themselves and act as a stage for them. 

2. Consistent Content Creation: It is imperative that you need to put your best step forward in order for people to notice you. Start creating amazing content to post on these channels. Look up videos of users who are doing it already, study these videos and create a space in your home where you can showcase your skills. Attention to aesthetics will definitely help. 

3. Grow your follower-base: Start by asking friends and family to follow your social profiles. Promote sharing of your content through apps like WhatsApp and invite relevant users to your channel. Make sure you use the right hashtags and keywords to lure the most relevant users on the internet. Use apps like HashTagify to find the right hashtags. You can also use platforms like feelitLIVE to live stream your gig. The platform will help you get more views and build loyal viewership. 

4. Monetize: Once you have created the process of consistent content creation and your follower-base is substantially big, look for ways to monetize your content.  You can also collaborate with websites that offer virtual events as a service to users around the world, such as feelitLIVE. The website will not just help you host and ticket your event but will also market it on its own social channels. You can also get together with other experts in your industry and plan a virtual event to get more traction. Host this meet-up on a ticketing basis. 

Of course, the process of getting to the point where you can monetize your content and turn your passion to profit can be slightly longer but with patience and perseverance, you can get to the point where you get paid to perform for the world – virtually – in this new era! 

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