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Importance of technology for choirs

Know more about how technology can be used to benefit your choir’s branding and performances, without the need for coding or expensive developers.

When we look at how technology and the digital medium can help your choir, there are a few areas they can help in. Read this blog article to know more about how technology can be used to benefit your choir’s branding and performances, without the need for coding or expensive developers.


One of the key areas technology and digital media can help is branding. This includes your choir’s website, social media, and email if possible. A website helps the audience understand more about the choir, its members, upcoming events, and the ability to buy tickets. Social media is used to engage with the audience on a regular basis. While an email is important to keep the audience updated on all news about your choir. While a website may not be feasible for all choirs, platforms today enable easy-to-build landing pages which can include all the details of the choir and its upcoming events. To know more about how we can help you build your digital experience, scroll to the bottom of this article.

Ticket Purchase

A key benefit of adopting technology and digital media is the ability to sell tickets in minutes. Platforms today offer secure ways for audiences from around the world to buy tickets for your choir performance with dedicated event pages. This includes multiple ticket variants for different levels of access to the event, and also the ability to purchase on any device, be it a mobile, tablet, or computer. The platform can also offer a program schedule and a summary of the event and speakers/guest conductors. You can also use email services to send personalized reminders to attendees, and track analytics on who engages with your emails.


Digital media can be a very efficient way to market your choir and its upcoming performances. You can use it to talk more about your choir’s values, your repertoire for upcoming performances, ticket purchase options, links to highlights of past events, and even personal stories about the choir members. To know more about this, read our article on digital marketing for choirs.

Online Performances

The pandemic has proved the adoption of online events by audiences around the world. An important part of performing online is having a robust live streaming platform, which lets you and the audience focus on the performance, and takes care of everything else. Today, there are limited options of platforms that not only help you with high-quality uninterrupted audio and video streaming but also help you engage with your audience in innovative ways. These include polls during live events, forums to allow simultaneous conversations on different topics, gamification, e-auctions to earn revenue while engaging with your audience, and even alternate ways to raise money like Superchats (a concept pioneered by YouTube).

Some platforms also let you host on-demand events, which can include pre-recorded videos. This can become a recurring revenue stream, seeing as how you don’t have to put in effort again and again. This is also a good way to let your audience know about your past performances, and give them a chance to revisit these events whenever they’d want.

In summary, a good platform not only makes your job easier but also satisfies your audience.

We at FeelitLIVE have built our technology to make the lives of choirs easier, so they can focus on the one thing that matters - their performance. This means offering an easy-to-use and intuitive platform to help you set up your online or hybrid event in minutes, helping you sell tickets and monetize your choir event, and helping you host your event and engage with your audiences. We even help with building a community centered around your choir through dedicated landing pages that offer all information about your choir, including past or upcoming performances, ticket purchase options, donations, and an e-shop for your choir merchandise. To get a better understanding of our offerings, you can visit our website and get a free demo where we help you create your first event for free.

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