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How to use online events to grow your business

As the world embraces a new normal and goes online, businesses have started to host online events to help get more traction. Online events are among the best ways for businesses to grow and prosper—and they aren't going anywhere. Here are a few ways businesses can leverage virtual event.

The current era is one of startups and small businesses. Opportunities are aplenty and a good idea can be converted into a product to be further backed by investments. With the world embracing the new normal and the world going online, businesses too have started looking at online events to help get more traction. Virtual events have turned out to be among the best ways for businesses to grow and prosper over the last few months and these virtual events are here to stay. Here are a few ways businesses can leverage online events:

Showcasing products

Right from product demos to showcasing the design of the product, virtual events are the easiest and most cost effective way to reach out to an audience far larger than you would have been able to with traditional physical events. A bit of social media promotion can help you get a lot of eyes within your target group for any product related event that you may want to host. Virtual events like these can also be used to engage your existing clients if you are adding a few more features or improvements to your product. Promoting your products or services via online events will help you attract potential buyers not only in the area where your business is physically located but also from all the locations across the world where you can install/send/provide your product.


Paid partnerships, sponsorships and business collaborations have now gone online. If yours is a business that has a broader target group, collaborations with industry influencers for a virtual event will help you reach a lot of people. These partnerships can also be with artists and musicians and are not as expensive and any brand involved can expect good returns in terms of brand awareness.

Establishing Expertise

In order to get your potential customers to trust you, it is important for you, as a business to establish your expertise in your domain. Virtual events allow you to do exactly this. Two-way interactions or discussions within the team members of your business about industry insights and subject matter will not just help establish your expertise but would also give users a peek into the work culture of your company. If you want the session to be interactive, you can also take questions and answer them during the event itself.

Training Sessions

Online training sessions are the rage today. Virtual events allow all your employees to participate in training sessions with a simple click. More so, virtual training sessions are cheaper and aid participation by employees from all over the globe. Training is an important part of business growth and if you are looking to take your business to the next level, virtual training sessions would be an important tool in your business strategy.

You can host virtual events on digital platforms like FeelItLIVE; we not only help you host your events but also help you promote them to the right target group for you. To understand all that we offer in setting up your online event which will boost your business, visit If you own or run a business that will benefit from online events and you haven’t started off with them yet, it is time to get started, plan and host your first event online.


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