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How to use online events for personal branding

Virtual events are helping organizations across the globe reduce costs and improve engagement. Here are a few ways how you can leverage virtual events for your business

The world is moving on from traditional modes of business and marketing, especially marketing. Today, promotions of your product and services are not limited to just marketing your brand (or the said products and services). In the current era of digital media, personal branding has become a very important tool for growing your business. Trust, authenticity and expertise have become the prime factors that influence buying decisions of users and there is nothing better than personal branding to establish all of these in the minds of your target group/audience.

The positive of the current times is that industry experts or c-level professionals have a great opportunity to become brands themselves. A personal brand develops over time but requires one to post quality content consistently across various social media channels. Interactive content is even better. Therefore, online events are a great way to build your personal brand. Here are a few tips to use online events to build your personal brand:

Have your content ready

Well-researched content is always a big hit on social media. For your online event, you should ensure that you confidently speak about your field of expertise. You can come out with a new topic every week and talk about the nuances of the industry. You can also go a step further and set up themes for the week if you plan to do multiple virtual events in a week. Complement your words with graphics or videos, which will further add value to your events and attract more eye-balls.


Make sure that your online event is aesthetically pleasing. Ensure that you have a good bandwidth and all devices such as the mic and the camera are working fine. A few practice runs would help you ensure that the aesthetics of your events are on track. Try and use the correct type of background on the screen depending on your subject, audience and location. For e.g. if you are an interior designer having a beautiful interior space behind you will add weight to your words.

Increase interaction

Encourage your viewers to comment on your videos. You can also arrange for Q and A sessions with your user-base, however make sure that you are thoroughly prepared for this. If you are unable to answer any question without conviction or are unsure about your answers, it will be counter-productive. It might take a little time before you can get started with Q and A sessions but once you do, it would be a great way to increase engagement about your product or service. In order to ensure interaction, you can also look at interviewing other members in your industry. This would help with cross promotions and extend your reach to a wider user base.


Even if your content is great, it is important to ensure that you promote your online event among your target groups. The good thing about social media is that online promotions are not expensive. Platforms like also help you promote your event among their own follower-base on social media. But at the same time, you can put in a little money for promotions and get more people to your scheduled event.

Personal branding may take time but it is a great means of growing your business if you do it right. We help our users set up online events and promote them too. So, if you are a business owner or an expert, get started now, visit to know more!  

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