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FeelitLIVE – #BackTogether with Digital experiences

FeelitLIVE is the answer to the music industry’s #LockdownLows. We give you the tools to create, host, and feel LIVE your own digital performances just like a regular live concert.

And here we have it! The answer to all the #LockdownLows! Feeling blue because you don’t know when you can attend a concert again? Feeling lost because you don’t know when you can perform again in front of a packed auditorium? Feeling distraught because you don’t know when you can organize or host a live event again? Well, this is us, telling you that you can feel differently, because all that excitement, that euphoria, that camaraderie, that adrenaline? You can now FeelitLIVE! That’s right. You heard us. You need never leave the safety of your home and the comfort of your surroundings and yet get to both create, host and feel LIVE digital experiences that make you come truly alive!

In a world that has been jolted into the importance, nay, criticality of staying together by staying apart, FeelitLIVE is a platform that has arrived not a moment too soon. The sense of community, the very human condition of celebrating meaningful experiences as a tribe, a herd – that’s important to us all. We would go so far as claiming that it is even a need of the social animal-hood that we embody. (Yes, we know, we just made up the word, but difficult times call for easy ideas.) And for all you social animals out there, here’s how you will never feel isolated and alone and alienated again because you now have FeelitLIVE – your own digital platform that empowers you to share your experiences live with everyone, from anywhere.

The world may be on lockdown today, but it is still your world to feel, if not in real life at the moment, then on live-stream, with FeelitLIVE.

So, here’s our invitation, to all you amazing content creators out there. You could be a singer, a band, a dancer, a musician, a concert pianist, a cook, a painter, a poet, a yoga teacher, a Zumba expert… you could be absolutely any kind of performance artist; jump on to FeelitLIVE, create your experience or event for FREE invite your audience to it , and #RockTheLockdown! Try it NOW and experience for yourself how FeelitLIVE empowers you to create, manage and earn from digital experiences; anytime, anywhere.

As performers, you know how difficult it is to do the brick and mortar nitpicking of on-ground event management – from booking the venue (after wrangling over dates and availability), to managing the whole ticketing experience, to the costs of the venue, to the audience management. It’s a nightmare. And lockdown or no lockdown, you now have the fabulous option of never having to go through it, because… FeelitLIVE!

With FeelitLIVE you can:

  • Host your event for free – there you go, #UnVenue your art, #UnLockdown your life, all at one go!
  • Glide through the process of event creation, hosting, and performance – it is such an easy-to-use platform!
  • Offer a variety of tickets with different levels of interaction with your audience – technology to the rescue here!
  • Offer private live-stream link at no extra cost
  • Amplify the experience with the platform’s ability to add multiple hosts per event – thinking of doing a multi-locational live philharmonic orchestra? You can have up to 100 hosts per event, and your audiences can FeelitLIVE!
  • Speaking of audiences, the platform allows for up to 10,000 viewers per experience/event.
  • And how do you earn out of this? The answer is – secure and easy payments through our secure payment gateways.

Enough said, folks. Waste no more time. The world is waiting for you. Adrenaline, excitement, pulsating joy – it’s all possible, simply FeelitLIVE!

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