CTC Judge Spotlight #1 - Robert Filion

Robert Fillion, an award-winning choir director and member of this year's panel of judges, is helping to select the winners of Canada's Top Choir Competition

Many of you have heard of Canada's Top Choir, but few know about the selection process. This year's judging panel consists of renowned choir directors with expertise and experience in choral creativity across the country. Today, we will be introducing you to one of them, Robert Fillion, a renowned Canadian choir director recognized for his choirs' quality and involvement in choral education.

Robert Filion has brought choirs to the pinnacle of choral excellence for the past 20 years. His choirs have won 6 national championships. His vocal ensembles from École secondaire De La Salle are heard and seen regularly on the airwaves of CBC and Radio-Canada. The voice programme he heads in the performing arts stream at De La Salle was designated Best Music Programme in the National Capital by the Kiwanis Music Festival and CBC three times (2008, 2012, and 2017).

Robert is a talented musician, conductor, and artistic director. He focuses on new works and music from around the world. He also conducts performances of "Messe des Caraïbes" by Luis Bacalov and "Missa Tango" by Claus Bantzer. He focuses on new works and music from around the world, directing the Canadian productions of the Clifford Crawley opera Angel Square, Glenn McClure's Messe des Caraïbes, Tango by Luis Bacalov, and Missa Popularis by Claus Bantzer . For several years, he has been the Artistic Director of Unisong, the annual Canada Day festival, and he works with the National Arts Centre Orchestra on concerts involving youth choirs.
Filion has collaborated on Canadian projects with artists including Ruth Watson-Henderson, Laura Hawley, Kelly-Marie Murphy, Stephen Hatfield, Donald Patriquin, and Frédéric Lacroix. His goal is to surprise his audiences by offering them all kinds of music.

Mr. Filion directed the Chœur classique de l’Outaouais from 1997 to 2011; in 2010 it earned the prestigious Liette Turner award. Under his direction from 2002–2007, the Ottawa Children's Choir won the international Angel Network prize for the Radio-Canada/CBC broadcast "Evergreen Wishes." In 2013 Mr. Filion received the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence.

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