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Company News

Canada's Top Choirs Winners Announcements

FeelitLIVE announces the winner of Canada’s Top Choirs 2022, the largest & most inclusive online high school choral competition - Holy Heart Chamber...

Choir News

Stockton Chorale

Read about the Chorale started by Arthur J. Holton II in 1951. They have held multiple concerts through FeelitLIVE, reaching audiences across regions.

Tips & Tricks

Why Get Involved in a Choir?

Trying to figure out if participating in a choir is for you? Understand the benefits of joining a choir, including both societal and health benefits.

Virtual Events

CTC Judge Spotlight #5: Carrie Tennant

Meet Carrie Tennant, founder and artistic director of the Vancouver Youth Choir and a judge of Canada's Top Choirs, a national virtual competition.


CTC Judge Spotlight # 2: Dr. Jamie Hillman

As we continue to introduce you to each member of our judging panel for the upcoming Canada's Top Choirs competition, today we're excited to...


CTC Judge Spotlight #1 - Robert Filion

Robert Fillion, an award-winning choir director and member of this year's panel of judges, is helping to select the winners of Canada's Top Choir...


FeelitLIVE Announces Canada’s Top Choirs

Canadian Secondary Schools Invited to Participate in First of its Kind Competition - to be Judged by Some of Canada’s Top Choral Conductors

Virtual Events

Fundraising strategies for choirs

Raising money for your choir can be fun, and it's a great way to show off your community spirit. But you don't want to spend all of your time on the...


Judges Spotlight #3: Dr. Edith Copley

America’s Top Choirs is a virtual competition designed to discover the top choirs in America. It has attracted a panel of renowned choral leaders to...


FeelitLIVE Announces America’s Got Choirs

US High School Choirs Invited to Participate in First of its Kind Competition - to be judged by some of America’s top Choral Conductors

Virtual Events

Tools Required to Host your Online Event

Whether you are a novice or pro in the field of virtual events, there are a number of tools that can make it much easier to hold your own event. We...

Virtual Events

4 Ways to Support Your Local Artists

All local artists need help from their followers so they can shoot to fame and share their art with the world. These are some tips on how you can...

Virtual Events

Top 3 Benefits of a Virtual Event

Virtual events are becoming more popular than traditional face-to-face events. Here are the top 3 benefits of hosting virtual events, and why they...

Virtual Events

Passion to Profit – From hobby to revenue

With the "new normal" bringing many changes to people's lives, an interesting one that stands out is the way people consume content. As a result of...

Virtual Events

How businesses can leverage online events

Virtual events are here to stay. Virtual events are helping organizations across the globe reduce costs and improve engagement. Here are a few ways...

Virtual Events

How to use online events for personal branding

Virtual events are helping organizations across the globe reduce costs and improve engagement. Here are a few ways how you can leverage virtual...

Virtual Events

How Virtual Events Can Make You a Star

Do you want to take your passion to the next level? Believe it, this is the perfect time to start. Artists around the globe have already started...

Virtual Events

How to use online events to grow your business

As the world embraces a new normal and goes online, businesses have started to host online events to help get more traction. Online events are among...


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