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4 steps to make your virtual event a grand success

There is no way to overstate the power of virtual events. If you are an artist looking to take your art or content to the masses then virtual events is something you should be looking into. A string of successful virtual events can make you a star, in pretty much no time!

The good news for content creators all over the world is, that, now the world is their oyster. Interested users can tune in to virtual events from all around the globe. If you are an artist looking to take your art or content to the masses then it is important for you to utilize the power of virtual events. A string of successful virtual events can make you a star, in pretty much no time! 

If you as a content creator have tried out virtual events but have not received a great response, you are either very new to it or are missing out on doing some important aspects of the event. Here are a few tips that will help you make your virtual event a grand success:

Decide on the Flow of the Event

Proper planning of your virtual event will ensure a great event. Create a plan for how your event is going to flow – an introduction, the core performance, an engagement activity like a game or a questionnaire, a Q and A session, details of the next event, and finally a thank you note! All of these can be tweaked based on your craft and audience.

Plan paid events strategically

It is a good idea to not get into paid events right away if you are just starting your online journey. Develop a follower base with a few free events. Make sure that you are first providing great content that people are attracted to and will be willing to pay for later on. Monetizing events is only fruitful if you have a good fan base, which can only happen after users consume quality content online coming from you. After a few successful, low-priced paid events, you can feature a higher-priced paid event in your schedule. You can study competition and decide on your pricing accordingly. It is good to interact with users who may be your friends and family to understand how much they would be willing to pay for your content.

Introduce a surprise element

Virtual events all over the globe are getting more and more interactive. It is important for you to interact with your audience and ensure that they are engaged. For this purpose, you can try partnering with an industry influencer or a popular face in your industry. Partnerships with other personalities in your industry, or even someone from outside your industry, will aid cross-promotions and help you make the most of their followers as well. You can also introduce a Q and A session where users can interact with the guest on your show.  

Live tweet your event

Live-tweeting is a great way to get more users for your next event and at the same time spread awareness about your ongoing event. Creating a social buzz about your events is very important in order to garner more followers and viewers, especially in the early days. As you host the event, you can prompt your viewers to live tweet snippets from the event or you can have your friends do it as well.

One of the most important aspects of a successful event is to ensure that you promote your event well. Platforms like allow you to promote your event and gain more awareness. Successful events would mean sponsors, high brand awareness, global reach, and offers for paid partnerships! What are you waiting for? Set up your first event on


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